Intimate Aromatics

Intimate Aromatics

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Cater to your mood or set it with this pairing's sensory.  Mist the air, your sofa or that space where the magic happens.. wherever that shall be!   

Intimate Aromatics are exclusive formulas infused with 100% natural essential and fragrance oils, blended with Rose, Lavender, Cucumber or Coconut distilled water and witch hazel.  This is not your typical "linen spray," but rather a mood master of sorts.


night cap

Dreamy honey-sweet aromas with notes of powder, ginger and Jasmine unleashing sensuality and quieting the mind.


rose water

Depths of sweet blooming roses with faint floral spice notes livening the space and calming the spirit.



Natural wood resins with hints of Tobacco and Dark Musk played well like the rich emotional expressions of Jimi Hendrix. 



A light and airy mix of subtle sweetness with a uniquely green and earthy zing.


Shake vigorously before each use


VigorWicks Candle Co. Hand Poured in NC.

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